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The first thought that crossed our minds on the 11th of September was that the only way to go from Manhattan, is to launch a carpet nuclear bombing campaign that starts from the Atlantic coast of North Africa and ends at East Timor.

Physically Eliminate the Last of the Theology-inspired terrorists on this Globe

Only this kind of a resolve to physically eliminate the last of the theology-inspired terrorists on this globe, can save mankind from the disaster that occurred on that fateful day of 9/11 at Manhattan and Pentagon.

As our President George Bush Jr. has said that these events "have filled us with disbelief, terrible sadness and a quiet unyielding anger." That anger has to be turned into resourcefulness and an iron resolve as the United States seeks to retain her mantle as the "brightest beacon of freedom and opportunity in the world"

This is not an American problem, it is a problem for humankind

The countries that have to be reduced to a nuclear wasteland where no animal, bird or tree is allowed to survive are the rogue states of Morocco, Algeria, North Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Mauritania, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Iran, Iraq, West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia the Gulf states, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, Xingjiang, Bangladesh, Malaysia, South Philippines, Indonesia. The only states that could be kept out of this could be Uzbekistan, Krygzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Re-model the entire Muslim world on Turkish lines

At the end of this war, the entire Muslim World, or whatever remains of it should be re-modeled on Turkish lines. The Turkish visionary Mustapha Kemal Pasha was one of the few who was born as a Muslim, but raised himself to a human level. He also raised his country, Turkey to a Human level. Turkey, should be a role model to re-model the entire Muslim world. This canbe first step in de-iislamizing the globe, and onwards to de-religionizing the globe.A de-religionized globe can treat religion as the private individual choice of every citizen of this globe. This would be the ultimate realization of individual liberty in a manner that it never threatens social peace.

We know this still sounds like MAD, but the alternative for mankind is to submit to the forces of theology-Inspired Terrorism.

The USA has to lead the civilised world into this war

The USA has to lead the civilised world into this war, not in the name of god or in the name of America. This is not an American problem, it is a problem for humankind. And trying to find out which person(s) country(ies) actually did it, is like trying to find the guilty in a criminal community. The mindset of all those who are part of this criminal community is dictated by the Manual of Terrorism that calls for a world to be made up only of terrorists; for which the rest of humankind has to be given a choice of either becoming terrorists or facing death.

There is no point in instilling fear in the minds of the theology-inspired terrorists who are wanting to die while killings others

Again there is no point in instilling fear in the minds of those who are wanting to die while enforcing the instructions given in the Manual of Terrorism (Quran). Since they want to die (in their words "to achieve martyrdom"). The only thing to be done is make it easier for them to achieve their objective of their own death. Hence there is no option but to reduce a swathe of this planet from North Africa and ends at East Timor, into a lifeless wasteland. And those of this persuasion, who reside in other parts of the globe, have to be sought out and hunted down to the last man.

America's Options are limited while fighting this Asynchronous War against Theology-inspired Terrorism.This is a war against the pestilence of theology-inspired terrorism. And there are no exceptions to be made, about some pests being good; since what we are to do is nothing short of fumigating our globe against any pestilence that can survive this fumigation - to bedevil us once again anytime in the future.


PS: It is not that happenings of the 11th of September is the reason for this message that might seem as an outburst. No. This has been our considered and cool-headed view of things for the last few years. The happenings on 9/11 has only made it possible for the doubting Thomases to see things in this light.

A few Questions to the Pacifists

And for those who find this suggestion of fumigating the globe to get rid of the menace of theology-inspired terrorism permanently we ask:

- How many pests, termites, bugs, cockroaches would you allow to survive when you fumigate your house and want a thorough Pest Control to be done? The answer - NONE.

Revive the Cowboy Spirit of the Wild West

We need to revive within us our Cowboy Spirit of adventure if we are to overcome the new Wild West of today - The Islamic Crescent. Above all, we need to remember what we did to those who brought about a Pearl Harbor on us. We need to revive in us the tenacity of doing a Hiroshima many times over. Without that tenacity, defeating the Japs would have cost many more American lives, as it is costing us today in post-Saddam Iraq - where the Jihadis can bleed us, one marine a day. The other option is to put up with an increasing count of bodybags coming home from Iraq that would add the grist to the mill of the peacemongers (defeatists) who clamor for bringing back our marines home. Yes we may bring back our marines home, but only when we are ready to send Daisy Cutters, MOABS, and eventually thermonuclear and neutron payloads to replace the marines we call back. We face hard times ahead and cannot escape making hard choices, if we are to win the war on terror and ensure our survival as a civilized species in face of an enemy who loves death more than we love life.

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P.S. : Looks like what we have recommended here has finally struck a responsive chord at the Pentagon. Recently an analysis of US war policy criticized a proposed Pentagon plan to use low potency nukes on enemy targets. Although the article is critical of the direction US policy is taking. We are heartened to note that the policy finally shows some sense in recognizing how a beastly enemy can be overcome.

- Robin McArthur

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